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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 26, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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"fox & friends", by the way, starts right now. >> and good morning, folks. this is a big one. and as you can see there, the waves are coming ashore atlantic beach in north carolina. irene still out there in the atlantic with maximum sustained winds of 100 miles per hour. already bringing 6 to 9 foot waves to that area. national hurricane center now saying irene is slightly weaker although that is if you consider winds at 110 miles per hour weak. just right now, it is southwest of cape hatteras in north carolina, by this time tomorrow, the carolina
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>> exactly right. >> president obama has already declared north carolina a disaster area and other states are ordering evacuations but travel, of course, can be a big
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problem. caroline shively is live in washington with the latest. hey, caroline. >> hi to you, ainsley. d.c. is actually on the western edge of the potential hurricane track but we are still expecting high winds and potentially some flooding throughout the weekend. d.c. government is handing out sandbags starting today at noon but each household is limited to five of those sandbags. eastern virginia, plenty of those folks are evacuating. hampton roads and norfolk telling their folks to get out. the navy has also order the its 27 ships
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>> caroline shively live from the bureau in washington. thank you. >> new jersey under a hurricane warning as well and governor christie has declared a state of emergency and he's urging people who had plans to visit the jersey shore this weekend to stay home and asking those who are already there to leave. >> do not try to ride it out. it is not the smart thing to do. i will not order evacuation unless i believe it's absolutely necessary. but if i order it, i expect it to be complied with. >> leading by example, too, christie cut short his family's vacation to the shore and went home and the thing is, too, if you stay and you get in trouble, you got to go send emergency workers in to risk their lives because you thought -- >> not fair to everyone. >> ok. here's the coverage of the new york newspapers this morning on "the new york times." here's one of these guys out at the beach. can you believe it? surfers, too. the headline in "the new york
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post," taken by storm. city reveals an all out crisis plan for irene. the mayor was on the 6:00 hour last night and he was painting a pretty dire picture. >> yeah. but it looks as though they're all over this and they said if there's -- if a winter snow helped us prepare for a hurricane, for some hurricane, this has done it. >> you're exactly right. and the reason the mayor is in front of this is when we had that great big blizzard when the city was caught flatfooted, the mayor during the blizzard was in bermuda. >> you guys have lived in new york a lot longer than i have. are you used to a hurricane in this area? >> every once and a while, floyd was big and caused a lot of flooding. but nothing like this. a category 1 or category 2 gigantic. >> our producer saying it's been 20 years. >> she would know. she's 23. she must have heard it from her parents. >> one of the girls that works here with us, she's from puerto
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rico and she says they have reservoirs in their homes that they fill up with water and that's how she shower, that's what they're used to. the electricity goes out. there's no school. this happens all the time. she says they have big tanks in their houses. >> that's good. >> plus the reservoir is fun in the summer. >> brian has a big tank but it's filled with beer. >> that's my choice. i'm not telling people they should do that. you have more news? >> away from your keg days, we'll talk about the headlines this morning. nato war planes are bombing muammar qaddafi's desert house right now. sert has become qaddafi's main strong hold after rebels took tripoli. heavy fighting is reported in one tripoli neighborhood under the control of qaddafi. meanwhile, rebels say they're moving their interim government from ben-ghazi to tripoli now. they are debating how to best track down libya's stockpile of weapons before they end up in the hands of terrorists. bizarre twist in the case of a missing utah woman nearly two years after she disappeared. susan powell's husband now
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saying that she might have run off with another man. josh powell who is a person of interest in this case watched as police were searching his home for eight hours yesterday. he said susan's diary proves that she was straying from their marriage. in another salacious twist, josh's father, steve powell, says that he had an intimate relationship with susan as well. susan's family says these are all lies. today, some of the 30 u.s. service members killed earlier this month when their chopper was shot down in afghanistan will be laid to rest. many of the dead were navy seals, part of that same unit that hunted down and killed usama bin laden. this afternoon's service will be held at arlington national cemetery. the names of those being memorialized and buried not yet, released for safety reasons, of course. an update on hawkeye, the dog who laid by his master's casket for the duration of the funeral. you can see this. hawkeye belonged to navy seal john hummelson, one of those
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troops killed in afghanistan and there is word this morning hawkeye now has a new home. one of petty officer's tummelson's friends is taking him in. you probably saw that video before our show if you were watching bill o'reilly. >> we had that yesterday morning. that was quite a story. >> let's talk politics now. the place, new hampshire. it happened actually on wednesday. the topic, cut, cap and balance. >> yeah, and there were all sorts of -- tempers were flaring, let's say, where a woman in the audience was trying to ask mitt romney a question about the government spending money, stuff like that. a little yelling from him. a little from her. listen to this. >> 50 states in america balanced their budget every year. i balanced the budget every year. you had your turn. you had your turn, madam, let me have mine. let me have mine. let me complete. i'm sorry, it's my turn. you had yours, now it's my turn.
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would you please hold on a moment and let me finish? good. >> wow. that's a man with a lot of kids. >> right. right. he knows how to handle it. >> second time this month it's happened and we're still is 5 months
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>> some things are heating up on the g.o.p. side in terms of ma gellian, the favorite explorer. straight ahead, remember when the congressional budget office said president obama's health care plan wouldn't break the bank? it turns out it broke the bank by the tune of a trillion dollars. we're going to examine that plan. >> and when qaddafi fled, he left something behind, get this, photos that reveal his secret crush on a former secretary of state. >> kissinger? >> no. this lady, the pictures of condy rice that made a state department spokesperson cringe. >> madeleine albright just exhaled. premiering the revolution by lg.
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>> on this friday morning, we're tracking the path of hurricane irene. people in north carolina right now seeing the first signs of the storm moving closer to shore. stricklin is live in atlantic beach with the very latest. good morning.
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part of the state who says he just retired and he's going to ride out this storm so lots of different stories out here. >> all right. reporteding live this morning from atlantic beach in north carolina. thank you very much. mr. kilmeade, over to you. >> all right, steve. promises, promises. remember when a health care plan coming our way was supposed to save us money? >> our cost cutting measures mirror most of the proposals in the current set-up bill that reduces most people's premiums and brings down our deficit by up to a trillion dollars over the next two decades. brings down our deficit. >> turns out the diagnosis was wrong but originally stated correctly. it could add to america's deficit disorder by well over $1 trillion. let's ask douglas about that, a former director of the cbo, the congressional budget office. douglas, why are we $1 trillion off?
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>> the biggest reason is we ignored the incentives in the new law and the incentives are for employers and employees to agree that they should give up their private insurance and go collect the government subsidies. that's great for the employer. they don't have to pay for the insurance. turns out it's great for the employee. they get a raise and they still have insurance. bad news is the taxpayers are picking up the bill so it's a very expensesive proposition. >> now, we knew this in 2010 and forgot about the details in 2011. let's go over it. i'm an employee. i'm located in a state and i'm doing well and i have this option now in 2014 of taking my employees and putting them on these exchanges. and saying i choose not to give my employees insurance. now they go to the exchanges. how are the exchanges funded? through taxpayer dollars. >> exactly. and the law has a penalty for the employers says if you used to give insurance and you stopped, we're going to penalize you $10,000, that's not enough to stop the huge pile of money that's sitting on the table so
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the employer is going to pay that money. the employee is going to take the raise. collect maybe $7,000 in subsidies for someone making $70,000. 10% of their income, they'll take that in their raise and get some insurance and they'll be happy and the employer will be making more money. but the nation will have a huge c rating. >> we're trying to ride it out. how can the quality stay the same? because doctors are getting paid less. private insurers are going to be under more stress. the premiums are going to be higher. this is a bad cycle. >> this is a bad bill. the fundamental problem in the american health care system is rising costs. the bill does nothing to change that trajectory and if health care costs go up, then premiums have to go up so private insurance gets hit twice in this bill. health care costs are still going up and there's all sorts of taxes and fees and penalties that make the insurance more expensive so it's only natural people are going to flee to the government subsidized insurance, then we can't afford it. >> if this is a sincere surprise to the architects of this plan,
6:19 am
and these are the facts as you see them as a former cbo guy, these are the facts, could they make adjustments? >> yes, you could easily fix this so we were targeting these subsidies to the genuine many needy. this is a bill that says everybody in america gets money. that's unrealistic. i don't think you should question the intent of the drafters of the law but you do have to question the mathematics so it's time to redraft this thing so it targets those who really need help and takes some money off the table. >> douglas holtz-eaton, thanks so much for this disturbing conclusion. >> all right, have a great weekend. meanwhile, first emergency responders were told there's no room for them at ground zero on 9/11. now, religious leaders are getting the boot. next on the rundown, should god really be banned from ground zero? and they will never forget the meal served at their wedding reception. that's because it got them carted off to jail. you heard me! almost tastes like one of jack's als.
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>> welcome back. some quick headlines for you. the department of homeland security using the patriot act to order wikileaks to provide information on founder julian assange as they release 100,000 more documents. some of the u.s. embassy cables still classified and a key hearing today in the case against accused tucson gunman jared loughner. the man accused of shooting congresswoman gabrielle giffords. prosecutors want a judge now to stop his defense team from issuing subpoenas to his relatives. the defense wants to find out if mental illness runs in his family. over to you, steve. >> thank you very much, ainsley. new york city mayor michael bloomberg said it was ok when an atheist group wanted to sue over the world trade center memorial cross. it was found in the rubble. and he defends the right to
6:24 am
build a so-called mosque at ground zero. but if he's so quick to defend the rights of others, why is he banning religious leaders from taking part in the september 11th memorial ceremony next month. joining us right now from washington, d.c. is the catholic league president, bill donahue. good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you doing, steve? >> great to have you. fine, thank you very much. this is what one of the bloomberg aides said. the reason no speaking role for clergy, it's going to draw out the ceremony and detract from the focus on families. how are they going to decide which religion to include? >> well, we should begin, then, with mayor bloomberg saying he's not going to speak because if he speaks, he'll detract from the events. nobody believes this. as far as the clergy is concerned, has it ever been a problem? new york city, as a matter of fact, every city in the united states and, of course, in the nation's capital, they always have celebratory statements and public events whether it be something that's joyous or something that's very sad. they always manage, don't they,
6:25 am
to find the appropriate priest or rabbi or minister, i would include an imam here. that's a ruse. i think mayor bloomberg should decide not to speak that today. according to his logic, he'll be detracting from the events. >> when you think about what happened on september 11th, the first official designated victim was a catholic priest by the name of father michael judge. it's impossible to remove religion. how many people in those buildings in their final moments on earth were praying? >> just because the mayor happens to be a thorough going secularist which he obviously is and has a tendency to be autocratic allowing his own personal preferences to dictate policy doesn't mean he speaks for new yorkers. this is a national event. this goes beyond that. we know what's going on here. i mean this is the way the mayor is. he decides he doesn't want to have the clergy there. we did a study at the catholic league, 2 out of every 3 wanted
6:26 am
first responders were catholics so it's a particular insult to us but i know that jews and protestants and muslims themselves as well as people of all faiths and people who have no faith should be outraged about this. and if the mayor is so concerned about the families, why doesn't he poll them? why doesn't he speak to the families? are they insulted by the presence of a clergyman? this is all nonsense. it's insulting! >> you know what, bill, the idea is to keep religious out. i think keep politicians out. >> absolutely. you know, i have no problem with the president or the previous president, president bush speaking there. but if bloomberg thinks he's occupying center stage, then let him sit at home that day. let him watch it on tv! >> all right. bill donahue from the catholic league today joining us from washington, d.c. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. still ahead on the rundown, we're keeping an eye on hurricane irene about to hammer the east coast and new york city bracing for a direct hit as a category 1 or some say a category 2. is this town ready for such a storm? we'll talk about it. and billionaire warren buffet
6:27 am
swooping in to save one of america's biggest banks but stuart varney says he's hardly a hero. details on a very telling phone call coming up. who knew that stuart could run the crane camera? and when qaddafi fled, he left something behind, the pictures that reveal his secret crush on that woman, condaleeza rice. happy birthday to macaulay culkin. guess how old he is today. he is 31. ♪ [ female announcer ] erybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft, you can get that same cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra ft has extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ah.
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>> we have new video out of atlantic beach, north carolina, the outer band's area already bringing 6 to 9 foot waves to that area but much of the focus is now in the new york city area this morning. believe it or not. manhattan, of course, very densely populated. millions of people live here. on top of that, new yorkers haven't seen a storm like this in decades. now, new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he might shut down the entire public transportation system. >> uh-oh. >> what we have to do is assume the worst, prepare for that and hope for the best. irene's exact course, strength and time of arrival remain
6:32 am
difficult to be predicted with precision because this is a very large and slow moving hurricane. >> right now, hospitals and rest homes in the low lying areas of the city are being evacuated. irene is expected to make landfall in the city by sunday. yeah, i guess he has a good point. if the subways will flood, obviously so you have to shut them down. >> absolutely. and that's why he had a big press conference yesterday. all right, let's go ahead and take a look at where the storm is right now. there you can see irene, right now, maximum sustained winds of 1100 miles p 100 miles per hour. it looks like it will be making landfall, outer banks very early tomorrow. good news for people in florida and also georgia and south carolina, it does not look like they will be hugely impacted. now, there are -- here it is right now. category 2. they're expecting it to get a little more juice literally, it will be a category 3 when it makes landfall.
6:33 am
you can see wilmington in north carolina and then it's going to track north through the delmarva peninsula and then take a bead at new york city and then continue on north into as you can see right there portions of new england by early next week. >> once it starts, it's done in a matter of hours, right? and the destruction takes place -- once it moves, it's only going to sit over one area for how long? >> well, currently, it is traveling at 14 miles per hour straight north. so it's -- but the problem is, brian, as it comes up through your region, the wind could be coming in at the east but then when the storm passes you, suddenly it could be coming in from the west so it gets you from every which way. >> it will slow down once it hits land, right? >> well, the thinking is it's going to -- once it hits about north carolina, the water is about 10 degrees cooler and that will help slow it down. >> hurricane irene bringing more than just rain and wind, as we're discussing, it's also causing gas prices to go up across the country.
6:34 am
right now, several oil refineries on the east coast, they're being shut down ahead of the storm. that's pushing gas futures up by more than 2%. officials say it could take a full month to get those refineries back up and running once the storm passes. >> meanwhile, some of the rest of the headlines on this friday morning, new video out of mexico, at least 50 people are dead after a horrifying attack. that's a casino right there. it happened in monterey just south of the texas border. several gunmen reportedly opened fire on customers before dousing the place in gasoline and then they set it on fire. officials say a local drug cartel is behind the attack. that part not surprising. >> well, eerie new photos into fox news. soldiers from the army's old guard taking pictures of the graves in arlington national cemetery. all summer long, they've been photographing more than 219,000 grave stones trying to update and fully digitize the cemetery's maps. their work is almost finished. last summer, the army's inspector general released a
6:35 am
scathing report on mismanagement at that cemetery revealing hundreds of graves were miss marked or mistakenly unmarked. brian? >> ok, ainsley, the c.i.a. on the offensive this hour against a new book about the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. reports say the agency demanded that former f.b.i. agent might make significant cuts to his upcoming book. in the book, he argues that the c.i.a. missed a chance to stop the 9/11 attacks by withholding information about two hijackers from the f.b.i. he also gives a detailed account of the c.i.a.'s interrogation techniques. and the book is set to hit shelves next month with the edits. >> police say it was a honeymoon heist. a bride and groom from pennsylvania busted for shoplifting more than $1,000 worth of groceries for their wedding reception. this is sad. just a day after they got married, the newlyweds were caught with two shopping carts
6:36 am
loaded with food including shrimp platteers, spiral hams and vegetable trays for their big celebration. >> you know, it's very expensive to get married. they can't afford the reception. >> they're spending their first night in jail. not a good start. >> not exactly together we don't know. might be a blessing in disguise. >> i don't think so. >> i'm trying to end it positive, steve. a brutal dictator muammar qaddafi is on the run right now and two times yesterday, it looked as though he was surrounded and he was going to be taken. and it wasn't. and he's still missing but thought to be in tripoli. meanwhile, as they go through his compound, it's fascinating to see another one of these dictators that has a weird fetish. his tribute book to cannondalee rice. >> there you can see what the rebels found as they ransacked one of his palaces. it's the condy rice tribute book. a state department spokesman was asked about it yesterday. it kind of creeped him out.
6:37 am
>> i think i don't need to see the photos. but bizarre and creepy are good adjectives to describe much of qaddafi's behavior. >> in the past, he has discussed his admiration for condaleeza rice as we re-established relations with them. remember this quote in 2007? >> he said i support my darling black african woman. i admire and is very proud at the way she leans back and gives orders to the arab leaders. i love her very much. i admire her and i'm proud of her because she's a black woman of african origin. said that to al jazeera back in 2007. >> when she came to visit tripoli a number of years back, apparently he absolutely lavished her with $212,000 worth of gifts including a diamond ring, a loot and a locket with qaddafi's picture. in return, there's a picture right there, qaddafi screen right, leeza as he calls her,
6:38 am
screen left, she gave him a plate. >> colin powell saying where's my stuff? 22 minutes before the top of the hour. let's talk dollars and cents. >> yep. we want to hear about the stuff that ben bernanke has on his plate later this morning. the fed head is scheduled to speak at 10:00 a.m. from jackson hole, wyoming, he'll possibly be outlining solutions to fix things. stuart varney joins us live. what can he do? qe-3? >> don't start with that jargon, please. look, the whole world, wall street especially wants ben to print up a storm of money. >> that's qe-3. >> that's exactly right. they want him to print maybe a half trillion dollars. shove it into the economy and rescue the world. whether he does that or not, i don't know. >> what happens if he does do that? >> if he does do that, the stock market will probably go up. that will be the immediate result. if he doesn't do it, mass disappointment, the stock market will probably go down. >> wait a minute, wouldn't printing all that money be treasonness? didn't i hear that last week? >> you've been listening to mr.
6:39 am
perry, governor of texas, i believe. well, he says, look, that will be treasonness because it would deflate the value of our money, the dollar and result in inflation which is good for the price of gold. mr. perry doesn't like that idea. a lot of people don't like the idea of printing a ton more money. >> at the risk of insulting people, i just thought i would be direct. what bullets are in ben bernanke's gun that he could do. he's already printed a lot of money and it's just out there. >> that's a very good question and that's the question of the day. has he got any fresh arrows in his quiver? here we've got america probably heading into recession, according it at least one nobel prize winner, probably heading into recession. certainly slowing down, mass unemployment, a housing crisis, what's ben going to do about it? he doesn't have any new tools unless he comes up with a new idea today which people are so discounting saying he's probably not going to do that. >> stuart, warren buffet is taking a bath from what i
6:40 am
understand. conjures up this great idea that he wants to invest $5 billion in bank of america. >> the story is that on tuesday morning in the bathtub, warren buffet, $50 billion in the buff. >> i'm not saying that. >> he's in a tub, he's in the buff. >> ok, he thinks up this great idea, why don't i rescue bank of america? which is a huge bank which is in a lot of trouble. so he puts $5 billion into bank of america. props up the stock price and walks away looking like the man who saved the banking system. in fact, warren made a tidy sum of money by doing this. he gets 6% interest on his investment and he's got the right to buy 700 million bank of america shares, big profit in the future. >> he had the idea on tuesday in a tub. on monday, didn't he talk to the president of the united states? >> you're such a conspiracy theorists. >> no, looking at the time line. >> you're right, yes.
6:41 am
on monday, he had a discussion on the economy with president obama. tuesday in the bathtub, he thinks i won't rescue bank of america. do you think that connected? a lot of people do. >> do you? are you one of them? >> a lot of people do. >> all right. stuart, we'll be watching your program at 9:20 eastern time and tonight at 9:00. >> 8:00. >> and at 8:00 when i watch your show, i'll be in the bathtub. so -- >> i'm glad to hear that. >> image i prefer not to have. >> too late! >> all right. thanks, stuart, good to see you, the aclu got a court order banning prayer at government meetings but one of our next guests says that he doesn't care. he's going to pray anyway. >> then who do you think plays more golf? a former champion in the pga or president obama? >> i love that story, obviously and they may be funny and trendy but guess what, liberal web sites like gawker going down in flames. off 75% this year. details straight ahead. you're watching "fox & friends" live from new york!
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>> welcome back. virginia is one of the states in a state of emergency right now. bracing for hurricane irene. tourists at virginia beach ordered to get out of dodge. elizabeth is there. she's not leaving. she's live on the beach. hey, elizabeth. >> good morning, ainsley. it certainly is a beautiful scene behind me but looks to be deceiving because we're not far from the border of north carolina where hundreds of thousands of people have already evacuated. we know that's parts of virginia beach are under mandatory evacuation and authorities are closing all public beaches in the state of virginia saturday and sunday. what that is is incentive for vacationers to get out of town sooner rather than later. there's hundreds of thousands of visitors here, very popular time of year and they're hoping people get out sooner rather than later because after that storm hits the outer banks, it
6:46 am
only has one way to go and it's going to come right here to the virginia beach area which is why authorities want people to get out as early as possible. back to you. >> all right. you stay safe, elizabeth. thanks for that report. steve? >> all right. thank you very much, ainsley. they started with a flash but now they're fizzing out. trendy, liberal and gossip web sites used to be the type on line. now it's falling faster than you can double click. why is that? larry o'connor has been examining this and he's the editor in chief and radio talk show host in l.a. as well. good morning to you, larry. >> good morning, steve. >> well, facebook and twitter have really changed things for a lot of web sites, haven't they? >> yeah, especially web sites like dig where you used to go to see the aggregation of what people are talking about and what what's trending. now because of facebook and twitter, you can still see that but you see it from a select group that you've chosen. your friends and business associates, it becomes much more
6:47 am
personal. >> so web sites like dig that you just mentioned, they're falling through the floor, i mean, nobody is using them anymore. when they can use things like facebook and also twitter. another web site that once upon a time was mildly popular is gawker but now, i understand their traffic is down 75% in the last year. >> yeah, and i feel a little bad because i think it's a jinx. big government, big journalism, big hollywood, our sites are still doing fine. i want to make sure everybody knows that. i don't want to jinx it talking about somebody else's traffic going down. gawker had its host of problems. it had a lot of bad publicity. it had the celebrity stalker map on there that encouraged their readers to -- it was horrible. it was decried from left and right. this isn't a liberal thing to be disgusted by the idea of encouraging stalkers for celebrities. and they still have that content. they don't have the map anymore to sort of, you know, track these people down but the content is still there. >> sure. and i don't know if, larry, you
6:48 am
saw that new york magazine article that talked about a woman who was detailed in gawker and she realized wait a minute, i used to read this and now i realize they've attacked me for no good reason. >> right, and it's really -- i mean, the content at gawker, you imagine this sweatshop of 20-somethings who are post ironic who are these cubicles pounding out anything they can think of to a video or story. that's the problem, it's wall to wall snark and a little dose of that when web sites first launched is interesting but now it's become so redundant, it's as predictable as the end of the scooby doo cartoon. we know it's the old guy in the rubber mask, you know. >> it always is the guy in the rubber mask. another one flaming out is >> yeah, to be fair, all of us who deal with politics the way they do and the sites in the bright part world, we're already a little down from 2010 because last year was a big year for the
6:49 am
election and we'll be up again in 2012 but i think part of the problem with salon, it sort of wreaks of this liberal attitude. huffington post has liberal content but doesn't come across as elite and off putting as salon does. since joan walsh, their editor in chief has left, they don't have any big bylines that one could follow. joan is still writing there but not as influential anymore. and the whole attitude at the site sort of mirrors joan walsh's imprint that she left there which is sort of cold, aloof and offputting. but, you know, nothing personal against joan. >> all right. of course not. larry, thank you very much for joining us from los angeles now three web sites we can cross off our list of things to surf today. all right. thank you, sir. >> keep going to the bright part site. >> why not? you work there. straight ahead -- thank you, larry. straight ahead, the aclu got a court order banning prayer from government meetings. does that mean our next guest is a criminal? he's going to pray anyway.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> the aclu is at it again. this time they're going after another county board that prays before its meetings. >> the virginia chapter, ainsley, of the aclu wants the board of supervisors in pennsylvania county to stop the invocations before the meeting.
6:54 am
but all seven members say they will continue the tradition which dates back to 1767. >> long time. >> yes. >> our guest tim barber is the chairman of the pennsylvania county board of supervisors. good to have you with us, tim. >> good morning. thank you. >> good morning. all right, tell us what happened. you get this complaint. there's seven members on the board and all of you agree that prayer is fine for these meetings, is that correct? >> yes, ma'am, we got an e-mail from them on the 16th of august saying that we should no longer pray before the meetings, as you point out since 1767 and i talked to the members of the board before the meeting and it was unanimous, they wanted to continue to do it so i was proud of the board taking a united stand like that and the community's will behind us on this. >> tim, here's what the aclu said, they said "the government should never use its power to promote one religion over others. that is why the first clause of the first amendment prohibits the government from establishing religion and why the courts have made it clear that formal prayers at legislative meetings
6:55 am
should be brought instead of focusing on a particular religion. weren't you having these prayers before the official meeting started? >> yes. at the beginning of the meeting, and i mean, at some point in time, you have to say enough is enough and take a stand and use common sense. i mean, this is common sense. nobody can blame us. >> tim, even though the aclu said don't do it. what did you do after you got the e-mail? >> like i said, i consulted my board and it was unanimous, they wanted to pray so we prayed. instead of us changing what we do, they need to change the laws and make commonsense what goes back to what the country is founded on. this has been going on for years. the government needs to stand up for the american people and do what's right. use commonsense and have guts enough to back us up. this is a silent majority here speaking. >> tim, are you worried about the consequences? >> not -- not at this point. we've had a bunch of attorney firms voluntarily say they would represent us at no charge to the county so it won't cost the county taxpayers money so we're
6:56 am
kind of keep doing what we're doing and see what happens. >> you talk about taxpayers, the person who complained i assume is a taxpayer. the flip side of it, they're probably thinking you need to have respect for their religion. if they don't want you to pray and you're taxpayers, why are you going to continue to pray? what's your response to that? >> well, they never really actually told us who complained so we don't know. they just said they had gotten one complaint but i mean, they did polls and 90% of the people support us. it don't make sense to me. you go to a small group and tell you you can't do something the vast majority wants to do. >> i know. hey, tim, they start each and every session of the u.s. congress with a prayer so what you're doing is not that different. all right. tim barber joining us from north carolina. thank you, sir. >> we're keeping an eye on hurricane irene as it begins to strike the u.s. coast. live report from north carolina where the waves are getting pretty big. bigger by the hour. that's coming up next. mmer even.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> good morning to you, you made it through the week. i'm ainsley earhardt filling in for gretchen. we begin with the fox news extreme weather alert for you this morning. hundreds of thousands of people now under orders to evacuate as hurricane irene's first waves striking the u.s. >> the bad economy, that's certainly not the president's fault. it's mother nature. >> we get earthquakes, tsunamis, revolutions in the middle east, now they even have earthquakes outside of washington, d.c. >> did his former economic advisor just blame unemployment on earthquakes and tsunamis? >> it's bush's fault. >> yes. >> that quake probably not to blame for the economy. but it did fix something. we're going to introduce you to a guy left partially deaf, guess what? he can hear again thanks to the earthquake!
7:01 am
>> thanks to that jolt. >> what's that about? find out straight ahead. "fox & friends" hour two for a friday starts right now. >> yep, this is a story that impacts 55 million americans. you are looking live at flagler beach in florida. hurricane irene's outer bands already making the waves choppy in that area. the very latest report from the national hurricane center says irene is slightly weaker than they thought it was going to be but right now, it is packing winds at 110 miles per hour. right now, the storm is just southwest of cape hatteras in north carolina. a live report with more on the storm in a couple of minutes. first, let's take a look at the maps and there it is out in the atlantic. as i said, it has winds much 110 miles per hour and moving to the north at 14 miles per hour. hurricane warnings from the north carolina-virginia border to sandy hook, new jersey,
7:02 am
including delaware bay and the chesapeake bay and then hurricane watches north of that area on into massachusetts. what's going to happen? there it is right now. category 2 and then it looks like it's probably going to make landfall, the estimation is in north carolina and also the outer banks very early tomorrow morning with 115-mile-per-hour winds. then it's going to claw up the coast, impact norfolk and then directly over ocean city, maryland, as a category 2 and then on into the new york city area where we have not had a hurricane of this magnitude in more than 50 years. and that's one of the reasons brian kilmeade's family was told, get out of your house. >> yeah, got about 12 hours to pack up and somebody has got to take our dog. 110 pounds of love. >> i'll take your dog! >> you will? all right. i have to do a background check. first, president obama declaring north carolina a disaster area and other states ordering evacuations but travel could be a problem.
7:03 am
caroline shively live in washington with the details. >> hi there, brian. d.c. is facing a tropical storm warning and also a flash flood watch. starting today at noon, d.c. city government handing out the sandbags although you're limited to five per household but certainly east of us in virginia, they're going to have a lot worse than we do. 27 ships, u.s. navy ships have been sent out to sea. they are based in norfolk. it was going to be too dangerous for them. they are headed out to deeper waters there. have been several evacuations throughout virginia, hampton roads and norfolk telling their folks to get out and that covers plenty of universities. now, president obama has signed an emergency declaration for the entire state of north carolina ahead of the game. that's what they're doing. it is trying to get fema and the department of homeland security ready before this storm hits coordinating with all those state agencies to make sure that aid is pushed out and pushed out fast as soon as the storm has passed. now, power companies in north carolina and up and down the east coast already warning expect major outages. pepco that covers our area here
7:04 am
is saying those could be extensive. expect potentially several days without power in parts of virginia and north carolina. you mentioned travel, brian. airlines have already begun to cancel some of their flights and move planes out of the path of irene. they don't want them damaged. they're sening them west of here. american airlines has already canceled about 126 flights. they do plenty of flying back and forth from the bahamas so they've been affected and even train service, i'm looking at union station now, plenty of amtrak trains going in and out of there. but they're telling us starting today through sunday, amtrak, plenty of their trains won't be running to the south of here and also very disappointing cancellation on sunday. the new mlk memorial on the mall was supposed to be dedicated up to 250 people were going to show up for that. because of the weather, it has been postponed indefinitely. back to you guys in new york. >> all right. thank you, caroline. now the rest of your headlines. we begin with breaking news. a massive explosion rocks the united nations building in nigeria's capital. u.n. officials say it was a bomb attack and many people are
7:05 am
feared to be dead now. an entire wing of the building has reportedly been levelled. the attack in the same neighborhood as the u.s. embassy and other diplomatic posts. police are on the scene there and we'll continue to keep you updated as soon as we have more information this morning. nato war planes pounding muammar el-qaddafi's hometown this morning. meanwhile, the u.s. is going to unfreeze $1 1/2 billion in libyan assets. the money will be given to the rebels now. the obama administration is also debating how to track down libya's vast stockpile of weons before they end up in the hands of terrorists. a bizarre twist now this morning in the case of a missing utah woman. nearly two years after her disappearance, susan powell's husband now saying that she might have run off with another man. josh powell who is a person of interest in this case watched as police were searching his home for eight hours yesterday. he says that susan's diary is proving that she was straying
7:06 am
from their marriage. in another salacious twist, josh's father, her husband's father, steve powell, says that he had an intimate relationship with susan as well. susan's family says these are all lies. and former pga champion and ryder cup captain paul azinger firing a zinger at president obama. here's what he wrote on twitter. he's played more golf than me this month. i've created more jobs than him this month. >> oh, boy, oh, boy! >> he's recently been working as a broadcaster in developing golf apps for smart phones and he led the u.s. to its first ryder cup win in nearly a decade back in 2008. i had an opportunity to go to the ryder cup championship when i was a little girl and i saw who -- what was his name? payne stewart wore the knickers and the cap. i loved it. if you get a chance to go to a golf tournament, you have to go. they're so fun. >> mr. azinger, that was quite a
7:07 am
grand slam. >> i've always said that austin goolsby has the best voice in anybody in the history of the white house although i hear james buchanan also spoke with deep tenor. he is an economics expert and recently left the administration. in the past, we've heard david axelrod blame president bush for the economic woes and in the past, we've heard bill burton blame republicans and tea partiers and the president saying all three at different times. but i have never quite heard this excuse for the current recession that we just can't shake. listen. >> over that 17 months, we added 2 1/2 million jobs. now, at the beginning of this year, we get earthquakes, tsunamis, revolutions in the middle east, european financial crises, now they even got earthquakes outside of washington, d.c. i mean, we've had a series of things that have put some heavy blows and slowed the economy back down again.
7:08 am
>> the d.c. earthquake was a dud. i'm glad that guy wasn't running fema. >> right. >> it just happened. >> i know. you know, there was some damage but thankfully, did it impact the economy? kind of a funny picture of the d.c. devastation that shows some plastic resin lawn chairs and one of them was tipped over. that was the extent. >> we knew the washington monument was damaged a little bit. blaming natural disasters and tea partiers, they play a role but you got to start with taking responsibility. >> the japanese earthquake, that was gigantic. that had economic impacts around the world but that is -- the d.c. earthquake -- >> can't blame the economy. the economy is -- we've had a bad economy for a long time. this earthquake was a few days ago. ann coulter comments on this on his comments. take a listen. >> for him to complain about an earthquake that caused, what, dozens of dollars worth of damage, our hearts and prayers do go out to those who nearly lost their balance in
7:09 am
yesterday's earthquake, he throws in the hurricane that hasn't even hit land yet. >> that was sean hannity's show last night. all right, meanwhile, there is a silver lining to this particular -- to the earthquake. the devastating earthquake of washington, d.c. on father's day of this year, 75-year-old guy by the name of robert valderzak inexplicably lost his hearing. apparently, he had conductive hearing loss which is problems with fluid build-up or problem with the bones in his ear and also some nerve damage and he was in the hospital unable to hear, until the earthquake. and then suddenly, this happened. here he is. >> you know, my hearing is back. i can hear everything, people in the hallway. i'm overwhelmed. to me it's a miracle and a blessing from god up above. couldn't ask for a better day. >> fighting back the tears it
7:10 am
looks like. he was without his hearing for two months. all of a sudden, there's this earthquake and he says he could hear his family members in the hallway. >> and they were all right around him at the time. >> they were. and doctors said we'll do some tests and find out what really caused this and he said no need to do that. to me it was a miracle. a blessing from god above. couldn't ask for a better day. >> that's nice. >> and fluid in the bones of his ears, they think it got a little -- they messed it up a little bit. got the fluid to the other side of the head. >> and the earthquake shook him all up. >> right. >> silver lining, there you go. >> leave it to steve to bring a good story after all this destruction, a warm story, steve. good hunting. >> thank you very much. >> well, we'll go on to the bad news in a moment. >> ok, good. >> meanwhile, read me my rights! my union rights, from now on, your boss might have to even if you don't want anything to do with the union. we'll explain. >> and warren buffet has a present for the president. a multimillion dollar fundraiser, that's quite a favor. we'll ask our panel what's the
7:11 am
billionaire getting out of it? did he come up with this in the bathtub? >> i'm pretty sure. >> and it's our panel -- >> concert series. ving of vegets plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪
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7:14 am
>> billionaire investment guru warren buffet hosting a fundraising happening for president obama in a month. tickets don't come cheap at least for me. they start at a cool $10,000 per person. why the push from the oracle from omaha to get president obama re-elected? let's ask our panel, kirsten powers is here. you know her, she's a columnist. fox news contributor. she's proud of both. don't ask anymore questions, he told me in the break and noelle is here, political strategist. what's the biggest emphasis for warren buffet to come forward? >> he's a big supporter of president obama. he thinks he's doing a gate job. when there's a downgrade of our
7:15 am
debt, he said i'd give him a quadruple rating with obama in charge. i think he wants obama to be re-elected. >> what is he basing that on do you think? >> i think he's really basing on it his own ideology. he sees obama as a fellow intellectual and the real one here is buffet is a liberal. this is the guy that flies around in a g-4 but wants the $50 billion but wants to say he supports socially progressive causes and as a result of that, yeah, he's a man of contradiction but even in his investment philosophy, he's a man of contradiction. i'm not surprised by this at all. >> don't you think it takes away his credibility when he comes out as a billionaire who pays too little taxes one week and the next week he's hosting a fundraiser for the president. >> absolutely. he used to be a republican and then he switched and now he's a democrat. back in the day, warren buffet used to be a republican which i find is odd and the other funny thing is you know how obama is
7:16 am
accusing the republicans of cozying up to the fat cats and the wealthy people, look at this. he's got one of the biggest billionaires throwing him a deal at the four seasons with an over $30,000 ticket. >> that's not the only reason he's in the news this week. he also decided while taking a bath wednesday to help bank of america dry off on thursday. so he put billions into bank of america and it looks like he's going to make a tidy profit but that's two days, kirsten after he spoke to president obama and now all of a sudden, he needs to take a bath and bail out a bank. >> i think we should be happy that he wants to bail out bank of america. is that a bad thing? you know, he seems -- he's so invested in this country and he does believe in the united states. i think that's a great thing that he comes out when we're in trouble and invested each time we've been in a really critical point has invested in our country. >> he did something similar with goldman-sachs. >> yes, he did. what's important here with the president is he's going to put
7:17 am
him out there front and center because warren buffet is one of the most hyper visible symbols of american wealth and success and the president wants to say hey, i'm not penalizing success. i basically want you to just pay your fair share and if warren buffet is going to do it, then the rest of the uber rich. the problem is he doesn't see the distinction between a millionaire and a billionaire and there's a vast distinction. someone who makes $250,000 should not be in the same tax bracket as a billionaire. >> and noelle, i think it's interesting that warren buffet can no longer be that billionaire. now he's a democratic billionaire and i think he's been categorized. he's categorized himself. >> absolutely. once again, this is going against what buffet has said. once again, what the private sector has had to jump in and fix something. not the government. if the government was so efficient, we'd all be wealthy. not so much. >> right. not so much. all right, 18 minutes after the hour, the panel is sticking right here and they will weigh in on this. a critical moment in the race for the white house on the
7:18 am
republican side anyway. rick perry attacks romney care. but can it win him the top spot on the g.o.p. ticket? then, hurricane irene about to hit the east coast. with the sights set on america's largest cities. live update when we return. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
7:19 am
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7:21 am
>> hurricane irene is approaching the east coast. evacuations oshded from north carolina to new york and beyond and one of the players under an evacuation order, ocean city, maryland, that's where tucker barnes from our affiliate is standing by live. good morning to you. looks ok right now. calm before the storm. >> absolutely beautiful right now. same can't be said in 48 hours when the eye of the hurricane
7:22 am
passes right over or to the east of ocean city and you said it, we're under a mandatory evacuation here in the city. everybody has got to be out of here by 5:00 this afternoon except for emergency personnel. and that's a lot of people. this is a typical summertime weekend we're approaching. still a lot of tourists here and still a lot of beach goers and there was a long exodus of people trying to get out of the city last night. we had long gas lines and we have gas shortages in the city so people taking this one very seriously as it looks like, again, the eye of the hurricane will be passing overhead, over the next couple of days. already, just looking off to the west here, many of the buildings boarded up. we see a lot of people hard at work. i was at a store last night where people were buying the last of the wood and getting ready for the system to move in here so for a change, people taking this one very seriously, steve. >> indeed, tucker. thank you very much. in my town we're all sold out of batteries. meanwhile, coming up in a couple of minutes, we'll talk to the fema administrator craig fugate
7:23 am
on what the agency is working with statewise to prepare for irene. all right, from irene to brian. >> ok. meanwhile, the battle for the 2012 election is heating up on the g.o.p. side. you have a new g.o.p. frontrunner, too, rick perry and he goes out after mitt romney yesterday on his health care record. >> i think mitt is finally recognizing that the massachusetts health care plan that he passed is a huge problem for him. and yeah, it was not almost perfect. i truly believe that you have to have the free market in play with our health care. i think obama care which was modelled after the massachusetts plan is an absolute debacle. >> he started off measured. he got aggressive. rick perry on the radio with laura ingraham. what does this show you?
7:24 am
what does this tell you about where we're heading with this election 15 months away from the big day? >> i would expect in the next of days that he's going to go after mitt romney on this issue and this is mitt romney's achilles heel and i think that rick perry is a huge, huge threat to romney because he is down the line conservative. he's conservative socially, and he's going to pull away all this support from the base. based on these issues who hate obama care and who don't like romney care. >> it's intriguing now, right? the plot thickens. >> it does and we knew this was going to happen and he's going to get -- romney is going to get it from both sides and also going to get it from the president when they hit the campaign trail. he's going to be holding it up as hey, well, it worked for mitt romney. why shouldn't it work for me? when you look at rick perry right now, he's trying to build his record as his double digit lead. he wants to keep that and solidify that and what a better way than to go after romney and take away a share from him. >> two things going on.
7:25 am
number one, romney stepped out and has been running basically for years and he's got some of the biggest donors in the united states. perry needs those donors. it's a billion dollar race so he's trying to knock him in a weak spot so instead of romney getting out his plan, he's just going to spend his time defending the health care deal. so it's a brilliant strategy but let's just see if this works. >> here's the thing. also rick perry has to be honest and say it's all about states' rights and what did mitt romney say? that works best for massachusetts and all of a sudden, a state can't solve its own problems? could that be a comeback, kirsten. >> it could be but it's such -- the base -- this is one of the things that they hate the most. the republican base, one of the things they hate the most about romney. there are many things they don't like about him. they think he's a flip-flopper but this is something that really works against him and yeah, the obama administration also constantly brings it up. it just hangs over him and he hasn't been able to get away from it. >> he comes back and says mine is 70 pages and the obama
7:26 am
administration has 2,000 pages. does that work? >> still have pawlenty calling it obami care and that didn't help. the best thing to do right now is go after rick perry on his private sector experience and say, hey, yeah, you have a great record for jobs in texas but you haven't really hired anyone. and i have that business experience and i think that he's going to have to struggle against that as time goes on. >> a lot of intrigue and now we have a lot of personalities and we might have another one. governor sarah palin, we might have you back here after labor day and discussing her entry into the race. thank you very much, you prestigious panel. way too good looking. all three of you. how dare you. 26 minutes after the hour. helicopter parents and bromance no longer just slang. the words are official new words that have been added, this is true. to the english language. start weaving them into sentences. google not giving churches the same they gave to other nonprofits. what's their beef with god?
7:27 am
the all american concert series rolls on with country star chris young. stick around, he's been on the plaza since 2:00 in the morning. he woke everybody up in manhattan. >> we've got a flood. this is where the rubber hits the road, the nose breaks the grindstone, and the angels start second guessing where they tread. ♪ call 1-800-steemer but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. yea, right over here. look t 'em all. what about a black frontier with utilitrack?
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7:31 am
>> we have some new video this morning. this is atlantic beach, north carolina. hurricane irene's outer bands already bringing six to nine foot waves to that area. but much of the focus is now on the new york city area this morning. manhattan, of course, home to millions of people and on top of that, new yorkers have not seen a storm like this in decades. and now, new york city mayor michael bloomberg says that he might shut down the city's entire public transportation system. >> what we have to do is assume the worst, prepare for that and hope for the best. irene's exact course, strength and time of arrival remain difficult to be predicted with precision because this is a very large and also very slow moving hurricane. >> it is and right now, hospitals and also nursing homes that are in low-lying areas of new york city are being evacuated to higher ground and officials may extend that evacuation order later today. irene expected to make landfall
7:32 am
in new york city by sunday. it should be making landfall in the outer bands of north carolina very, very early tomorrow morning. >> all right. let's bring in fema administrator craig fugate live from fema headquarters in washington, d.c. slow moving hurricane. what's the challenge of the slow moving hurricane, craig? >> well, with slow moving hurricanes, you have the wind over areas for a much longer period of time and the torrential rainfall starts to build up when it's moving slower. instead of a quicker storm, this will be slower. even if the winds aren't that strong, just the duration can cause a lot of trees down and a lot of power outages. >> one of the problems and that's why michael bloomberg has ordered an evacuation of hospitals in the new york city area is in addition to this happening, perhaps at high tide in the new york city area, you're also going to have a storm surge of 5 to 10 feet and that's a problem. >> yeah, that's why you're seeing evacuation orders as far
7:33 am
south near the areas of north carolina and we expect more local evacuations along coastal areas because of storm surge. >> what advice can you give to all of us in new york city? i'm from the south, i'm used to the hurricanes. a lot of my friends up here are not. what advice can you give to the folks that are watching who are not used to the weather? >> well, first thing we want you to do if you haven't gotten ready is go to to get your supplies and know what to do for a hurricane or go to, a mobile site to get it on the go. if you're in the evacuation areas, you need to know if you are, if the governor or mayor has called for the evacuations, evacuate. if you're not, prepare for disruptions of power, possibly boil water orders and not being able to get out and move about. i know a lot of folks in new york you have this restaurant tradition where you're used to eating out a lot. you may be eating at home for a couple of days. make sure you have a manual can
7:34 am
opener. if the subway is down, mass transit, you'll probably be where you're at for a couple of days. make sure you're comfortable and have the supplies you need. >> if you need phones and you need, for example, people will be lost without cell phones. a lot of people don't know phone numbers anymore. there are devices that you can get that are battery operated that you can charge your phone, right? >> yes, you can, you can even get the ones that are hand cranked and another one we recommend is a battery operated radio because a lot of times, you still can get a lot of stuff from radio stations that are going to be broadcasting in the areas. but, you know, again, if you're evacuating, don't forget the cell phone chargers. >> i know there at fema, you are worried about this because you've already prepositioned some assets, you have things in my home state of new jersey, you've got things prepositioned in north carolina. and also massachusetts. right? >> yeah, again, we're not waiting for the storm to hit. one of the lessons after katrina was congress made sure that fema could get in there and start getting supplies before the governor formally asked for
7:35 am
help. we've been doing this up and down the east coast as the storm has continued to threaten the northeast areas, we've been moving supplies. >> we know what you're going to be doing this weekend. joining us today from fema headquarters in washington, d.c., thank you very much. >> don't forget about medications either. a lot of people watching are on medications and you need to get to the pharmacy and make sure you have enough for seven days. >> plus you need some money. >> money, cash. >> because if there's no electricity, the atm's aren't going to work. >> if you go to the atm and there's no money there, that's where steve doocy steps in. he has cash for these people. >> you're talking about the dream sequence once again. >> i apologize. i didn't know. >> meanwhile, we have some headlines for you on this friday morning. new video out of mexico. at least 50 people dead after a horrifying attack at that casino. happened in monterey,x ith texas. several gunmen reportedly open fire on customers and then after they shot them, they doused the place in gas and lit it on fire.
7:36 am
new information just in about an attempted raid to warren weinstein. he's the 70-year-old american who has been kidnapped in pakistan for the last 13 days. yesterday, pakistani police reported that weinstein had been freed. but they retracted that. intel officials say an early morning rescue operation failed because the kidnappers moved to another location. weinstein runs a development firm that advises pakistani businesses and government officials. i wonder if that's related. >> a new rule could boost unions in this country. the national labor relations board has just ruled that companies must post notices telling workers about their rights to form a union. the board says many workers may not know about unions since membership is declining now. the chamber of commerce sharply criticizes the decision calling it a gift to organized labor. >> meanwhile, some professors at the university of georgia going out on their own to educate illegal aliens. five professors were upset at a
7:37 am
new state policy that prohibits illegals from attending top public colleges. so they have started on their own a program called "freedom university." it promises to teach courses to illegals that will mirror curriculum at state schools. however, the teachers admit the course will not be equivalent to a college degree. and you won't wind up with college credits. i would imagine. but i could be wrong. >> every day, i get up and look in the dictionary. today i get up and look at a whole bunch. listen. >> you know, you've always been there for me. and what is it, bill? >> i love you, man! >> you're not getting my bud lite, bill. >> yes, it is. you may not have known it at the time but those commercials were some of the first examples of bromance. now almost a decade later, the term has made it into webster's, they define it as a close, nonsexual relationship,
7:38 am
friendship between men. >> ahhh, this is your relationship with steve, right? >> yeah. >> a little bit, yeah. and thankfully it has never escalated. webster's -- unless you guys have footage. webster's has tweet as a post on twitter. others on list of the 100 added this year, boomerang child, when your kid returns home as an adult for financial reasons. and cougar, an older woman going after a younger man. we have footage of that. let's go on it. it's demi moore and it's starring, what movie is that? that's it. that's all i got. >> that's plenty. those are the headlines. let's move on and talk a little bit about things on the internet. google in addition to being one of the world's biggest companies has a number of free softwares -- software applications that they allow, nonprofits, charities, churches and stuff like that to use for free. in particular, something that a
7:39 am
lot of businesses use. and churches in the past, gmail obviously. but, you know what? google changed all that in march. >> saying now, if you're affiliated with a church or a religion, you will not get this break. so it's open to all nonprofits unless -- unless you're affiliated with a religion or you hire or fire people based on sexual orientation. >> right. >> there's this guy -- there's this guy that works for a baptist church in kentucky and he says they were getting gmail for free so he didn't factor that into their budget for the year. he gets the rejection e-mail from google saying we're no longer allowing to you do this. so it's $50 a user now. so he's charged $2500 for their church for this software for a year. >> i have an idea. maybe you can be the methodist think tank, nonprofit think tank and kind of beat them at their own system. >> yeah, the disparity is why would you give it to certain nonprofits, give it to certain charities and not all of them? and just draw -- there was an
7:40 am
item that we saw that said, google's new commandment is thou shalt not give discounts to churches. >> all right. google that. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. i was shocked at this story,,, all in trouble. these niche sites known for gossip and finding out things about celebrities are paying the price, steve. >> yeah, they're paying the price of the popularity of things like twitter and facebook where you create groups and then because they're so popular, people aren't going to some of these web sites. and you mentioned gawker. gawker which was only marginally interesting in the beginning, their traffic is down 75% this year alone and before we started talking about it, i looked at the web site. the ultimate insult, though, to gawker is the fact that when you look at it, at the end, you just feel like i could never get that time back. it's a complete waste of time.
7:41 am
there are millions of them to look at it and there's an item in new york magazine that talks a little bit about this woman who is profiled on the vows pages of the "new york times," next thing you know, she pops up in gawker and they attacked her for no good reason. >> yes, saying her name has too many vowels in it now and that kind of thing. but they have some sister sites if you go on gawker, they have sister sites, and that's up 10% and gawker is down 75%. >> you can cross that off your list. >> all right. so that's good. not everything is rising up in the tech sector. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, conservative women fuming after being called baby palins wannabes, now they are firing back. >> then he's one of the country's hottest new stars. our all american summer concert series featuring chris young this morning. >> on this date in 1945, this
7:42 am
pennsylvania attorney served as the nation's first homeland security secretary. who is he? i think we know him. be the first to e-mail us with the right answer and we'll send you something real nice. you're watching "fox & friends" for a friday. >> sing us out, chris. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are switching from tylenol to advil. here's one story. [ george ] my name is george. i switched to advil six months ago. i love golf. but i have knee pain, hip pain, back pain and pain in my hands. advil is definitely my pain reliever of choice. it covers all, and i'm a walking testament. you may not know it to look at me, but i can dance too! [ chuckles ]
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yup... it's our annual deal-o-rama! show me the carfax. yeah... show me the carfax. but it's deal-o-rama. just show me the carfax. [ sighs ] before you buy a used car, get a carfax vehicle history report. see accidents and service reported to carfax and a price based on the car's history. ask your dealer or go to just say, show me the carfax. >> welcome back. it's your news by the numbers. first, the number 7. that's how many cars were involved in a deadly pile-up collision near phoenix, arizona. that's a sad story. sorry about the miles on the way in. the crash happened as a massive dust storm swept the area. next 1,200. that's how many u.s. service men vice president joe biden greeted on his last day in hawaii. the vice president thanking them
7:46 am
for their service in iraq and afghanistan. and finally, the number 2. that's how many bozos robbed this jewelry store in denver but the suspects disguised as clowns made a mistake. they reportedly stole fake sample jewelry worth just about nothing. over to you, steve. >> that young man grew up just about 35 miles from nashville, tennessee, eventually he wound up on a tv show called "nashville star" and he's had four number one hits and he joins us live today for our summer concert series! chris young, folks! >> how is it going, man? >> good morning to you, how are you? >> good morning. i'm doing real well. we got a whole bunch of people out here, got some nice barbecue, so happy to be here. >> we do. in fact, ted, can you get a copy of the brand new -- this brand new magazine and chris, i see
7:47 am
you're on the cover of it because there's something a little different. >> yeah. >> right here. >> i've been going without a hat quite a bit recently. >> you're topless. >> i'm topless. >> easy! >> that's brian. now, the thing about no hat is now you got to worry about your hair. >> yeah. you know what, the one problem is before i could just like wake up, roll off the couch on the bus and throw a hat on. i have to wake up in advance of the show. >> some people have bus hair or some people have bed hair. you had bus hair. >> i have bus hair, yeah, absolutely. >> that's all right, chris! >> they're ok with it. >> where did all these women come from that are in attendance today? >> i don't know, i'm happy y'all are here, though. thank you for showing up. >> chris, you come from a family of -- your grandfather very prominent. >> yeah, he actually played quite a bit when he was younger and kind of gave it up when he met my grandmother because she didn't really want him playing in bars and back then, that was where he was playing. so -- >> yeah, how did your mom feel
7:48 am
because you were playing in bars when you were in high school. and in college, even though you were in college, you still played 150 dates a year, didn't you? > >> yeah, we played a lot. part of that was growing up in nashville, there's a lot more opportunities for me to go and play songwriters night and stuff like that. my parents have always been real, real supportive. >> very nice. eventually, you wound up in a place in arlington, texas called cowboys, right? >> yep. >> was it one of the patrons who said there is a tv show you should enter? >> it was actually a buddy of mine from nashville who knew i had been playing for years and years and convinced me to do it and it feels like forever ago that i did that but obviously, got me my record deal with rca and really got me kind of kick started in nashville as far as being on a major label and it wasn't really until my second record that we had my first number one. we had my first hit really. and then we've been lucky enough now, we've rolled off four of them in a row. >> that's fantastic. you got a whole bunch of fans here today.
7:49 am
who are delighted you're here for our summer concert series. playing a couple of numbers in about an hour. are you ready? >> yeah, man, i'm ready to hear some of the stuff off the new record. >> all right. stick around. chris young joining us in the summer concert series in about an hour. all right. in the meantime, ainsley, into you. >> thank you. coming up next on the rundown, conservative women are firing back after being called baby palins. that all fit into the exact same box. >> so wrong. >> then first emergency responders told there is no room for them at ground zero at 9/11. we talked about that. now, religious leaders are getting the boot. next on the rundown, should god really be banned from ground zero? [ male announcer ] heard this one?
7:50 am
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and receive 3 months of netflix free.
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7:53 am
>> conservative women are crying foul now over what they say is another attack from the mainstream media. this time it's "elle" magazine that said this about a younger generation of republican female women. they say a new generation of kfsh active women is stepping forward to dis feminists and cheer low taxes, guns and motherhood. how these baby palins are going to reshape the 2012 presidential election. is the magazine using sarah palin's image to stereotype a conservative point of view? well, karen agnus is a fellow at the independent women's forum and the founder of the network of enlightened women and she was interviewed for this article in "elle" magazine. what's your overall opinion of
7:54 am
how this article turned out now that you've read it? >> yeah, it was frustrating because on the one hand, i was excited to see "elle" magazine a fashion magazine do a substantive article on conservative women but it was completely frustrating because it's as if the author had this preconceived notion of what conservative women are and what we stand for and tried to fit us in this little box no matter how uncomfortable or awkward and wrapped it up with a little red bow and put the baby palin label on it and i don't think that label fits. >> would you have agreed to do this interview if you had known the way you were going to be portrayed? >> i thought it was going to be a much more serious interview. so at this point, i don't think it does much. so i'm not sure i would have. >> she's calling you baby palins. naming all six of you as baby pali palins. now, liberal women, we don't call them baby pelosi or liberal hillarys. how do you feel as being portrayed or stereotyped as a younger palin or baby palin? >> you know, i think it's belittling both to governor
7:55 am
palin and to us. i mean, governor palin is a tremendous talent and this idea there's some cookie cutter out there that we can manufacture more governor palins is crazy. and then as to us, it's belittling as well. using the term baby, it's immature and therefore stunted and haven't fully developed. like you said, it's crazy. you wouldn't call young liberal women baby pelosis, you just don't. >> who wrote this article? >> it was a reporter named nela burly, i think. >> how did she -- when she approached you, what was the pitch? how did she sell this to you? >> she pitched it as a story about conservative, young women and as you read at the beginning of this segment, the by line says it's going to talk about the 2012 election and i actually think that would be a great article because i think there is some room for conservative women to make a difference in this 2012 election so i actually would like a reporter to write that story. >> all right. thank you so much, karen. >> yeah, thank you for having me. >> great to have you.
7:56 am
have a good day. hurricane irene is about to hit the east coast and we have got our eye on the latest storm track and a live report from the shore when we come back. and when qaddafi fled his compound, he left something behind. the pictures that reveal his secret crush on condaleeza rice. look at that. geraldo rivera joins us for that at the top of the hour. he's not on the riviera! he's here.
7:57 am
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>> good morning to you. it's friday, august 26. i'm ainsley earhart. a fox extreme weather alert for you this morning. hundreds of thousands of people evacuating their homes as hurricane irene hits the u.s. shores. a live report as america's largest cities go on high alert.
8:00 am
>> steve: when gadhafi left his compound, he left something behind. the pictures that exposed his secret crush. former secretary of state condoleeza rice. what? details straight ahead. >> brian: okay. here we are, not even death could break the bond between this fallen navy seal and his dog. we showed you the heart breaking photo yesterday. now there is a heart warming ending. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ turns out i'm pretty dang good for all that good advice ♪ ♪ those hard to find words of wisdom they're in my mind ♪ ♪ just when i lost my way ♪ i've got too many choices
8:01 am
♪ i hear voices ♪ i hear voices ♪ >> i always hear my grandmother and my father. >> steve: we're listening to chris young performing his hit "voices" on our all american concert series today. he'll be playing throughout the hour. it's currently dry in new york city, but there is a big storm heading our way. it could impact 50 million americans before the end of the weekend. >> brand-new video out of atlantic beach, north carolina. hurricane irene's outer bands already bringing six to nine foot waves to that area.
8:02 am
le national hurricane center says it's weakening slightly, but still packing winds up to 110 miles an hour. >> steve: it's southwest of cape hatteras in north carolina. by this time tomorrow, the carolina coast could be getting a direct hit. fox business reporter jeff flock is in kill devil hills, north carolina, where it's waves, but the storm has not started. >> not even started yet. but already you can see them out there. they're already surfing in the waves on kill devil hills, 150,000 people here along the outer banks here and most of them have left. i don't want to get wet yet. the hurricane is not even here yet. this is a drainage pipe that is right here on the beach in kill devil hills and that's already been inundated. we're starting to get wave action through here. they took a little bit of solace overnight with a kick in the track a little bit to the east. but we're still, right now there are two areas that will get a
8:03 am
direct hit. one, right where we stand here, and up in new england as well. and maybe it will spare you a little bit in new york, but it's not going to spare -- that guy got a ride. look, he caught a wave. going back down, but there you go. waves right now, it's going to be a lot bigger waves when we're done. >> steve: indeed as he hangs ten, people along the east coast hang on. jeff flock live in kill devil hills, thank you very much. >> brian: president obama already declared an emergency. yes, a state of emergency in north carolina ahead of irene. this as the storm promises to wreak havoc on travel throughout the weekend. caroline shively live in washington with the latest. >> hi there. in dc we're looking at a tropical storm warning and flash flood watch, from here, up to new york and up to boston and places in between. you could be looking at billions of dollars in damage if hurricane irene stays on the track we think it will. because of that, dc government, four hours from now, will start
8:04 am
handing out sandbags, as are many localities. people in virginia are already evacuating. the navy, in fact, 27 of its ships are headed out to deeper waters. they were stationed in norfolk, but it's too dangerous for them there. so they are headed east. people on the ground are evacuating. hampton road and places like norfolk told their people to get out now. you mentioned north carolina. president obama has indeed declared an emergency there. that gets the ball rolling. getting the federal government involved. that means fema and the department of homeland security can work with the state agencies there. fema is already shipping supplies. they're already trucking them down there to north carolina. so they'll be in place for after the storm. power companies are also going to be hit hard in north carolina and up and down the east coast. they are warning, expect major outages and some of those could certainly be extended. look out, you could be out of power for maybe a couple of days. airlines have already begun to cancel flights and moving their
8:05 am
planes out of the way of harm. back to you in new york. >> steve: all right. caroline shively, we thank you very much. it's important to stay safe during this storm. fema administrator was with us on the program a couple of minutes ago. he's got some tips. >> prepare for this disruptions of power, possibly boil water orders, and not being able to get out and move about. i know you people in new york you have this restaurant tradition where you eat out a l. you may be eating at home for a couple of days. >> steve: here comes irene. there it is right now. as you can see, it's drawing a bead on the outer banks of north carolina. going to make landfall probably shortly after midnight tonight. the folks in oakracoke island are off the island. as you can see right now, it's a category 2 storm. as of landfall early tomorrow, it will probably be a category 3
8:06 am
with maximum sustained winds of about 113 miles per hour. then as you can see, it goes right past norfolk, virginia, over ocean city, maryland, and takes a bead on new york city. it could be a category 1 or it could be a category 2 hurricane when it makes landfall and impacts new york city with 15 million people. >> brian: new jersey is under a hurricane warning as well. governor christie declared a state of emergency like only he can and says people who had plans to go to the shore this weekend, stay home. he also said people already at the shore, get out. >> do not try to ride it out. it is not the smart thing to do. i will not order evacuations unless i believe it's absolutely necessary, but if i order it, i expect it to be complied with. >> brian: he cut short his family vacation to the shore and went home. >> steve: more on the storm in a little bit.
8:07 am
>> juliet: we begin with breaking news. an explosion rocks the united nations building. it was a car bomb attack. quote, many people are dead. these photos just in. an entire wing of this building has been leveled. the attack happened right near the u.s. embassy, we're being told the u.s. embassy not impacted at this point. police are on the scene. we'll keep you updated as soon as we get new information. the man accused of trying to blow up a detroit-bound jet with a bomb in his underwear, remember this guy? says he shouldn't be in jail. in a handwritten note to a judge, umar farouk abdulmutallab says that he is being unjustly detained and should be judged by the koran, not by u.s. law. legal experts call his request a side show antic. erie new photos in to fox of soldiers from the army's old guard taking pictures of graves in arlington national cemetery. all summer long they've been photographing more than 219,000
8:08 am
graves, trying to update and fully digitize the cemetery's maps. their work is almost finished. last summer the army's inspector general released a scathing report on mismanagement at the cemetery, revealing hundreds of graves were either mismarked or mistakenly unmarked. update on hawkeye, he is the dog who was lying down underneath the casket of his master during the duration of his funeral. hawkeye belonged to navy seal john, one of those u.s. troops killed in afghanistan. there is word this morning that hawkeye now has a new home, one of petty officer's friends is taking him in. those are your headlines. >> brian: geraldo rivera, you know a lot of navy seals. these are some of the heart breaking stories that you don't read about, you know about. >> we've seen so much mourning. we've seen so much pain and suffering of the family and the pet, to see that loyalty, it wrenches your heart as much or more. it's something to watch and you
8:09 am
say, oh, my god, what love and what loss. it is incredible. >> steve: you'll be anchoring your program tomorrow night and sunday night and there is a big storm named irene heading our way. >> my older sister. usually covering hurricanes is like covering war light. you have all of the high drama, you have peril, erica, my wife, always says i'm chasing near death experiences. but the thing about hurricanes is -- >> steve: there you are. >> that's rita, i think. and katrina, some of my most vivid and dramatics moments of my career have been covering these hurricanes and it has the advantage of unlike war, no one is specifically shooting at you. but this one is different. why is it different? because it's my own family, not me. easy to be macho. this was either -- ike following katrina. it's easy to be macho when it's just you and you're out there with your crew and you're storm hardened.
8:10 am
but now we're helping, i live on the hudson river. my dock will clearly be under water. i moved the sailboat 75 miles up to upstate new york. i'm very worried about my family, though. erica is asking whether we should stay in manhattan or where we live in new jersey right on the river. this really could be one of those disaster movies. >> what do you think you'll do? >> i'm going to wait until i see the exact track. i think brian on the south shore of long island might get hit even worse than we do. >> steve: he's been evacuated. >> brian: they said by saturday afternoon, we got to be out. >> you know, it could be the best thing for everybody. i don't know what to do. i'm really perplexed 'cause what do you do? i've got my six-year-old, my mom, 92. >> steve: it will at least be a category 1, they say. it could be a category 2, some are saying. this is a city of glass with wind like that, this is not going to be good. >> i don't think that -- these
8:11 am
are hurricane torqued buildings. >> steve: a lot of them aren't. >> the earthquake we didn't get a wrinkle here. the island is built on granite. i think structurally it won't be a problem. if they close down rapid transit , many people's will be totally suspended, then they'll need food, water. what about sanitation? what about the electric power? what happens? does civilization go when the police forces are all distracted by the emergency? these are real things to worry about. >> let's change subjects 'cause i want your opinion about the condoleeza rice pictures, the photograph that was a scrapbook that was found in gadhafi's compound. he has this love for her. >> he's got this thing for his amazon guard. i always admired that about him. i might have chosen beyonce. i mean, she plays the piano, she's tall, she's beautiful.
8:12 am
>> brian: are you rationalizing? >> he's got a thing for condoleeza rice! this happened in one year, 2008, where he was semi friends with us. she was the personification of a new era of the relationship. the guy dug her. listen, love is blind. >> steve: he gave her close to a million dollars. she in return gave him a plate. >> brian: they left with a lot of his stuff. >> one of the gifts was a lockett he gave her with his picture. >> isn't that sweet? could have been a centerfold. i think that shows rationality on the part of that very irrational person. where in the world is moammar gadhafi? >> brian: is he still in libya? >> still in libya and raising the potential for problems. >> steve: if you want to know where geraldo is, follow him on twitter. you can like him. >> brian: if i look outside my window on sunday and i see
8:13 am
geraldo, i know i'm in trouble! >> steve: special coverage of irene tomorrow night and sunday night right here at fox news channel. thanks. >> good to see you. take a listen to this. while the president is relaxing, republicans are busy attacking. is the new campaign going to work? i don't know. we have the chairman of the rnc here to tell us. >> brian: irene is set to hit saturday. what if saturday was also your wedding. meet a couple with a big choice to meet. can they cancel the celebration they've been planning for years and just make out in their own bungalow? [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? maybe not.
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8:17 am
>> steve: more on the storm in a couple of minutes. the gloves are slipping off in the gop primary race. texas governor rick perry taking it to former massachusetts governor mitt romney over his state's health care law. >> i think mitt is finally recognizing that the massachusetts healthcare plan he passed is a huge problem for him and yeah. it was not almost perfect. i think obamacare, which was modeled after the massachusetts plan is an absolute debauchle. >> steve: i think we know how he feels about it. shouldn't now be the time for republicans to come together to defeat president obama instead of attacking each other? reince previn is the chairman of the rnc and joins us from their headquarters in washington, d.c good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, steve. >> steve: remember when ronald reagan had that 11th
8:18 am
commandment, thank you shall not -- you shall not speak ill of a fellow republican? >> i think for the most part the republicans will stick to that, steve. other reagan phrases were look, my 80% friend doesn't make my 20% ebony. i think for the most part, republicans believe in that. but look at 2010. it was one of the biggest gop victories in the entire -- in decades. but there was still states, like i come from wisconsin and most states had very competitive primaries. so i happen to believe that having a lot of people in the field debating each other, drawing out distinctions within reason, and i think perry's comments were reasonable, at least in his tone and his approach. but he wants to draw a distinction. mitt romney answered the question. he's talked about states' rights and federalism and i think these are all issues that are good for us, we're out there in the media and talking to americans. at the end of the day, americans know they want to fire president obama, but now it's up to us to
8:19 am
provide a clear, articulate alternative to this president. >> steve: mr. romney is probably feeling the heat there in iowa because there are three polls out this morning, the triple p poll, magellan and a poll by a pac for mr. perry called make us great where mr. perry is in number one place and either mr. romney or mrs. bachman is in second place. >> well, i think we're going to see a lot of that, steve. i don't know how it's going to shake out. but i do know that all of the horsepower right now in this country for how we're going to get america back on track is on the republican side. look, the president's giving speeches. he's going on taxpayer made buses made in canada giving speeches. >> steve: you're taking a shot at the president and his vacation in martha's vineyard because i understand you have an
8:20 am
app with a download that is the obama vacation debt clock. you can have it on your smart phone all the time. right? >> that's right. if you go to obamaget, you can get find it there. or, you can get it that way as well. this president talks about how everything that's happening in america, it's everyone else's fault except barak obama. he said he would get the deficit under control. he introduced the biggest structural deficit in america, he said to get the debt under control and under his policies, he put us in a trajectory to accumulate more debt on his watch than anybody else before him. >> steve: so you would like people to download that app. always a pleasure. thank you for joining us live. >> steve, thank you. take care. >> steve: the people in north carolina need to take care. there is a hurricane headed that kay. coming up next, the governor of that state to talk a little bit about how irene will impact north carolina. we'll be right back. i love all the gadgets. check out the backup cam.
8:21 am
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>> brian: looking live at kill devil hills, north carolina, where irene's outer bands bringing six to nine foot waves. the national hurricane center saying irene is weakening slightly, but still packing winds up to 110 miles per hour. more than 55 million americans from north carolina all the way to maine in irene's path. let's bring in north carolina governor purdue. it's hitting you first. are you ready? >> we're as ready as we can be. we have evacuations in place now. our ferries are about to close. we've got rescue squads, emergency personnel, highway patrol, national guard, red cross on the ground. our shelters are open and right now we're trying to get all of our people off, the tourists and the residents. this is a big storm and we think
8:25 am
she'll go back up to a 3 by tomorrow this time. so we're waiting and praying for the best and planning for the worst. >> brian: how would you rate the communication between you and your mansion in north carolina? >> we've had great communication. north carolina has always had a history of working together. we've got a great system around emergencies starting at the local level all wait to the federal partners. fema is in the state now. yesterday the feds declared us a national disaster area. i've declared an emergency order. we've done about all we can do to get prepared. all of our things are also deployed for the recovery. we expect that to begin the minute we can get onto the coast after the hurricane leaves. so today is the hard day, the day you sit back and wait and pray. >> brian: when have they told you it will actually hit? >> i think sometime tomorrow afternoon. you'll see the eye of the storm come over. right now the tracks look about the same. we believe it will come in
8:26 am
somewhere in moorehead city, in the midst of north carolina's coast. all the way up to the tip that joins virginia, governor mcconnell is concerned, as is governor haley. this is a whole coastal event. you never know where it's going to hit until it hits. so the three states are fully prepared and then the northeast is beginning to make those same kind of preparations. she is a big girl and nobody can take away from the fact that if a storm with this big, some damage will be done. >> brian: is the message you got to take personal responsibility? you've already outlined, haven't you, the evacuation zones and you're telling people who should leave and where to go. it's really up to the people in north carolina to be responsible at this point. >> this is a big tourist state, too. so we have a huge number of folks who don't live in north carolina along our coast. we started asking them to leave on tuesday. we told them they had to leave yesterday. and today that we have people going door to door demanding
8:27 am
they leave. as for the residents, we have hundreds of thousands of people on the road getting off the banks. but at the end of the day, you'll always have a person who decides to stay but they have to know when the storm comes, our emergency personnel and recovery people will be inside. public safety has to be the key. the decision maker in the storm. >> brian: governor, thanks so much. you'll be a busy, busy person. chief executive of that state. i look to talk to you again and i hope it misses. >> thank you, we do, too. >> brian: 27 minutes past the top of the hour. first they told first responders there was no room for them at the 9-11 memorial on 9-11. now god gets the boot from ground zero. what's up with that, i ask rhetorically, what if hurricane irene was set to strike on your wedding day? i ask you not rhetorically. we'll talk to one couple facing a tough choice. should they cancel the celebration years in the making
8:28 am
and start dating? then a live performance from chris young. first here is tomorrow. ♪ tonight i'm gonna love you like there is no tomorrow ♪ ♪ i'll be stronger ♪ i'm not gonna to break down and call you up ♪ ♪ but my heart cries out for you ♪ ♪ and tomorrow ♪ you won't believe it ♪ when i pass your house i won't stop ♪ ♪ no matter how bad i want to ♪ like the leap of faith you never took. but there's one opportunity that's too good to miss. the lexus golden opportunity sales event. see your lexus dealer.
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>> brian: we start with the headlines. we have an update on the news from nigeria. a massive explosion rocks the united nations building in nigeria's capitol. it was a car bomb attack. we received word from rescue workers that seven people are dead. the entire wing of the building has been leveled. the attack happened near the u.s. embassy. we're told now the u.s. embassy not impacted, thankfully. police are on the scene currently. we'll keep it here for new information and relay it to you as it comes in. >> ainsley: brian, a key hearing today in the case against this guy, jared loughner, the man accused of shooting and wounding congresswoman gabrielle giffords and killing six others in tucson.
8:33 am
prosecutors want a judge to stop his defense team from issuing subpoenas to his relatives. the defense wants to find out if mental illness runs in the family as they look into a possible insanity defense. steve? >> steve: first emergency responders were told they would be left out of the ceremony commemorating the tenth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. there isn't enough space. but now we've learned god will get the boot from ground zero, too. new york city mayor michael bloomberg's office insists next month's ceremony is more about the victims than it is about the religion. it's important to mention religious leaders have not been allowed at past ground zero ceremonies either. many hope for an exception. for instance, coming up very shortly, it will be the tenth anniversary of that horrific day on september 11 of this year. >> brian: paul azinger fire ago zinger at president obama. here is what he wrote on
8:34 am
twitter. he played more golf than me this month. i created more jobs than him this month! he has been recently working as a broadcaster and developing golf apps for smart phones. that led the u.s. to his first ryder cup win in nearly a decade in 2008. and prior to that, ainsley went to a golf tournament. >> ainsley: i did. they're my favorite. >> brian: i know. i remember. >> steve: a philadelphia couple's weekend wedding being washed out by hurricane irene. joining us right now on the phone is bride to be danielle. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> steve: fine, thanks. i know over the last months and years you've been planning to get married to that guy sitting next to you, chris, and the wedding is scheduled for this weekend. what's the decision? are you going to have it or not in ocean city, maryland? >> well, actually it's in ocean city, new jersey. unfortunately, governor christie issued a mandatory evacuation of the island.
8:35 am
so we are unable to go through with it. we had to call our vendors and friends and family and tell them to cancel their plans. we're disappointed and the venue we were having at, great bay country club, they worked with us and they were so wonderful and really compensated us for our troubles. >> steve: so you're getting your money back? >> yes, we did. we owe it all to the great management at great bay. >> brian: how long, number one, have you known that he's the one? because i am a hopeless romantic? and number two, how long have you been planning this? >> well, to answer your first question, chris and i were from the same neighborhood in northeast philadelphia and my good friend from high school and his roommate at the time introduced us on a turkey trot, which is right around the corner from us.
8:36 am
we met there and after that, things progressed and we ended up getting engaged last may in charleston, south carolina. >> ainsley: i'm from that area. >> oh we love that city. absolutely beautiful. >> ainsley: go down there and get married! the hurricane is not hitting there. you can stay with my family. >> that's true. maybe if we can hurry up and catch a flight down there and escape the oncoming storm, that would be great. >> steve: are you still planning to get married in the next couple of days? >> well, we're actually so fortunate, we have a few options, believe it or not. right now we are getting ready to go down to the philadelphia city hall, the justice was kind enough to expedite our marriage license. we're going to first try to get the marriage license and then go from there. >> ainsley: what were your emotions?
8:37 am
have you kind of come to terms with this? >> yeah. you know, we definitely have a good story to tell our children and grandchildren, that's for sure. however, we were kind of wondering if it's good luck or bad luck to have natural disaster, such as an earthquake, and then a hurricane in the same week as our planned wedding. >> ainsley: brian was saying earlier it's good luck because now you have an opportunity to continue to date other people. >> brian: i was teasing the segment thinking i was going to build more intrigue. >> i don't know if my fiance would appreciate it. >> steve: out of curiousity, before you scrubbed your reception, what was your signature drink going to be? >> oh, very good question. recently i got turned ton to mike's hard lemonade, very cherry. >> steve: if you ever get married, may i suggest a hurricane instead? >> yes, absolutely. we'll be toasting to irene. >> ainsley: that's great. >> brian: once you get married
8:38 am
and the relationship is on its way, if you hit in the bumps in the road, call our show and start sharing them. >> thank you so much. >> ainsley: have a great time. we wish you the best. >> thank you. bye-bye. >> ainsley: she's adorable. you saw her picture. she's so cute. >> steve: there is one bright note to the story as well. she got to keep the cake. they had already done the cake. she takes the cake. >> brian: and gets to eat it, too. >> steve: thank you. straight ahead when we come back, we will take a look at exactly where hurricane irene is now and what it's doing to the coast. >> ainsley: a brand-new twist on a very cold case. police are searching the house now of a man whose wife went missing back in 2009. judge jeanine pirro is here to tell us what could be happening in this case. first, what's coming up this weekend on "fox & friends." >> lots of stuff. almost ten years now since 9-11, what was that day like for former president george w. bush? we're heal in his own words from
8:39 am
the film maker who sat down with the former president. also a new strategy to keep kids from skipping school. how about this? give the kids 100 bucks. we'll debate that strategy, coming up this weekend. also, there could be a down side to football season being back and that's the needle on the scale going up with all that football food. fitness expert is here to help us fight the football fat and all of the hurricane irene updates, 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. eastern time saturday and sunday. now more of our all american summer concert series with chris young, he's getting you home! ♪ white table cloths and red wine ♪ ♪ we planned this time ♪ looking forward to it for some time ♪ ♪ honey, i know you love getting dressed up ♪ ♪ and you know i love showing
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>> steve: we've got a fox news alert. brand-new revised gdp numbers for the u.s. economy and had this is not good. our gross domestic product for the usa is down. ohm growing at 1%. experts thought it would stick around 1.3%. that number, the percentage of growth, our economy sees in a typical quarter. as it gets smaller and lower, that means fewer jobs and more uncertainty for our future. not good news on this friday. ainsley, over to you. >> ainsley: thank you. a bizarre twist in the case of the missing utah woman nearly two years after she disappeared. susan powell's husband is now saying she might have run off with another man. josh powell, who is a person of interest in this case, watched as police were searching his
8:45 am
house for eight hours yesterday. he says susan's diary is now proving that she was straying. our judge, jeanine pirro is on the case and is the host of "justice" and here. hey, good to see you. >> good morning. >> ainsley: what do you make of this? >> this is another case where a husband says, you know, my wife is missing under unusual circumstances. chances are she ran off with another man. think about this, though. she's got two kids, two and four. her husband says he goes camping at 12:30 in the morning, single digit temperatures in a blizzard. then comes home and there is no one there and he just assumes she took off. so what we have now is law enforcement, almost two years later conducting search warrants and understand you got to have probable cause signed by a judge, a warrant that there is evidence that is relevant to the case that they're going to find. they've been searching in mind shafts. now they're looking at the homes, at the cars. but this is what's stunning to
8:46 am
me. when the police went in looking for this mother, they found two huge fans focused on a wet area in the house and a husband who disappeared camping in the middle of the winter in a blizzard. but it gets worse. you've got his father trashing her. he's saying my daughter and i had sexual relations. we had this relationship, i should say where she asked me to touch her thigh. she really wanted it. and they are trashing her and saying, we've got her journals that will prove she's a promiscuous woman. >> ainsley: that's her father-in-law saying that. and her family is saying they're all lies. >> they're lies and not only that, these journals are from when she was a teen-ager! are you kidding? she told her parents, and i've got them on my show tomorrow night -- she said look, i'm afraid of my father-in-law. this guy is making advances. i don't want him near my kids or near me. but this is your classic trash the victim. let's make sure we make people think isn't worthy of looking
8:47 am
for. >> ainsley: this is a red flag to me. if your wife is missing, the mother of your children, why would you go on national television two years later and taint her reputation? >> let's say she was a promiscuous woman. he's not crying at all. his father and her father are in a war where his father is saying, you know, i need an order of protection. they both are looking for orders of protection against the victim, the supposed victim's father, saying, we -- he threatened to kill me. that's ridiculous. this poor guy has two grandchildren. he hasn't seen them in any kind of formal setting. they're trying to deny him not only his right to see the grandchildren, but in addition to that, they're saying he's threatening to kill us and his daughter was a tramp anyway. it's an outrageous commentary on the fact that this woman is not being looked for by them. >> ainsley: i want to see that interview. i'll watch your show tomorrow. what time? >> 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night eastern. >> ainsley: thanks, judge. >> thank you. >> ainsley: reports now that
8:48 am
hurricane irene's outer bands started bringing rain to north and south carolina. north carolina expected to get the brunt of the storm as early as tomorrow. the governor of that state, perdue joined us a few minutes ago. this is what she said. >> this is a big storm and we think she'll go back up to a 3 by tomorrow this time. so we're waiting and sitting and praying for the best but planning for the worst. >> ainsley: virginia, like north carolina, is also in a state of emergency right now. elizabeth prann joins us live on virginia beach with the latest there. hey, elizabeth. >> hey. what a difference a day makes. yesterday these beaches were lined with people. so it's really a good sign that a lot of these visitors and residents are getting out while they can. there is a mandatory evacuation here, virginia beach, as well as surrounding counties and we also know the state of virginia is completely closing the beaches saturday and sunday because when residents wake up, they think it's beautiful. perhaps it will stay that way and we'll stay one more day. that's not what authorities want. they say the conditions behind us are temporary.
8:49 am
they will deteriorate very, very quickly and it looks like we will start to see stormy weather as early as this evening. ainsley. >> ainsley: thanks. a live performance by chris young when we come back. but first, let's check in with martha mccallum for what is coming up at the top of the hour. >> hey. i'm looking forward to that. good morning, everybody. we're about to hear from janet napolitano and from the fema director. we'll have that coming up here as the east coast gets ready and new york city gets ready for a hurricane, the likes of which it has not seen in 20 years. also, my interview with the producer of a one on one september 11 interview with george w. bush. that's coming up at the top of the hour. getting grime from deep inside grout takes the right tools, but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. getting an amazing discount on a hotel with travelocity's top secret hotels.
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>> steve: friday, it means we've got a crowd of people who want music. >> brian: it's amazing what's happening. out of all the crowds you brought together, this has to be the craziest bunch! >> steve: a lot of our fans want to hear that man sing! ladies and gentlemen, chris young doing "you." ♪ bluer skies don't seem so blue and the stars seem to be a little dim or two ♪ ♪ now that you're down, you put them all to shame ♪
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8:56 am
♪ you oh, you ♪ >> steve: very nice! chris young singing from his neon album "you." stay tuned. premiering the revolution by lg. the newest release with verizon 4g lte. the first phone pre-loaded with access to netflix's massive movie library. powered by verizon 4g lte for an unparalleled streaming experience. see how mobile entertainment was meant to be seen. only with verizon 4g lte. now get the revolution by lg for $199.99 and receive 3 months of netflix free.
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♪ for all that good advice ♪ ♪ those hard to find words of wisdom ♪ ♪ . >> steve: he's going to perform his hit "lost." right? >> yeah. the last single we played "you" was off our new album that just came out. >> steve: we'll see ba


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